"oh by"

The Universal Shortener


Purchase a Custom "oh by" Code

When you create an "oh by" code you are given a random code like 0x72G6E4 that cannot be edited or changed later.

However, you may purchase a custom code like 0xJohn. Not only do you choose the code, but you can later edit the content and change it over time.

This is especially helpful when you use your "oh by" code on your business card: you can put detailed contact information in your custom code, and edit it later as it changes.


Pricing for custom "oh by" codes is based on their length:

9+ characters   $8 / year 5 characters$128 / year
8 characters$16 / year          4 characters$256 / year*
7 characters$32 / year 3 characters$512 / year*
6 characters$64 / year 2 characters$1024 / year*
* Codes with 4 or fewer characters will have a substantial one-time transfer fee in addition to the yearly fees.
* 1 character codes are available - please contact us to discuss.

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