"oh by"

The Universal Shortener




The "Lost and Found" Example


Do you write messages like "if lost, please return to ...", or simply your phone number, on items like jackets or purses or baseball gloves or (anything kids) ?

How much space do you have to write a 10-digit phone number, an email address, perhaps a short message ... and so on ?

Instead, simply write an Oh By Code onto the item and, if lost and recovered, the finder will know exactly what to do - look up the Oh By Code and find whatever detailed and helpful information you have placed into it.


The Business Card Example

There is only so much room on a business card and once you add 1-2 phone numbers, a fax number, 1-2 email addresses, etc. ...

And that's not to mention any kind of message or instructions, which is impossible to add to the business card, due to its size.

Instead, you could purchase a custom, personalized and editable Oh By Code and put nothing but that on your business card.

Your name and a simple, easily recognizable code. Simple, elegant and functional.


The QR Code Example

We don't know anyone who uses QR codes but if you do, you know that you need special software to create them, you need to deal with an image, you need to convince people to scan it with a reader ... etc., etc.

Instead, with no training, expertise, or software of any kind, you can do everything that a QR Code does with a free Oh By Code.

Yes, "oh by" codes do everything that QR codes do, but are better in every way.

As of the launch of 0x.co, there is no longer any reason to ever use a QR code again.

You're welcome.


The DJ Set List Example

If you are a DJ, the set list for your show could be 30 or 50 or more songs.

You can put your set list into a free Oh By Code and simply post the code on your podium, or flash it on your screen, or put it up in LED lights.

Then, anyone at your show can quickly and easily reference your set list forever - and it doesn't cost you, or them, a thing.

Better still, there is never any advertising or tracking or hijacking of your work by the site - it's just a simple little list.


Send a text to an unknown someone in the future

You can create an Oh By Code by sending an SMS to 415-965-8370. We will create it for you and tell you the code via SMS response. Easy.

But now, you can write/chalk/send/transmit that code out into the world and someone in the future can view your message.

You are sending a text message to an unknown person in the future.
Standard text messaging rates apply, it may cost you money. Only first 1600 characters are placed into the Oh By Code via SMS.


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