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Frequently Asked Questions


What is "oh by" ? What do I do here ?

"oh by" is a tool that lets you convert long messages into short, recognizable codes.

Anytime you have some bits of information that are too big to remember, write down, or pass along, you can dump them into "oh by" and create a short code.

Because the codes begin with 0x, they are instantly recognizable and you can write them down anywhere you like.


Give me an example...

Try writing your phone number, your email, an alternate phone number and your name on your kids' baseball glove ... it's very hard to do as there isn't enough space.

But it's easy to write 0 x 7DBZ3G on the baseball glove.

There are more examples here.


How Do I Make an Oh By Code ?

The easiest way to create a free Oh By Code is our simple web form.

Just type or paste in your message/list/data and submit to create a code.

You can also create an Oh By Code by emailing email@0x.co or texting 415-965-8370.
Standard text messaging rates apply, it may cost you money. Only first 1600 characters are placed into the Oh By Code via SMS.


Are "oh by" codes free ? How long do they last ?

"oh by" codes are free. You can make as many as you like.

There is no advertising related to the use of "oh by" codes. You are not the product.

Oh By Codes last forever (unless you set an expiration when you create it).


Can I make a custom "oh by" code ?

Yes! We're glad you asked.

You can indeed create a custom "oh by" code of whatever length you wish.

Think of how much nicer your business card would look with just your name and "0xJohn" instead of cluttered with four phone numbers and two addresses.

Further, custom "oh by" codes are editable - you can change their content over time.


Is this also a URL shortener ?

Yes. That's not the primary use-case, but if you enter nothing but a properly formatted URL, our site will give you the option of turning it into a simple redirect.

You still generate an Oh By Code, but that code will now redirect to the URL. With no ads or tracking and no delays.

If you're looking for a dead-simple URL shortener that respects your privacy and doesn't slow you down with ads or multi-megabyte interstitial pages, Oh By might be for you.



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