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What is "oh by" ? What do I do here ?

"oh by" is a simple primitive that you can use to condense information.

It is, sort of, a combination of a pastebin-style site and a URL shortener.

The real utility are the easily recognizable codes, prefixed with "0x".

The extremely simple, fast and ad-free interface makes adoption and deployment very attractive - for you and for end users.


What do you mean: "a simple primitive" ?

Our goal is to create a stripped down, simple, tool influenced by UNIX.

You will be able to create and use "oh by" codes with open, accessible methods


Give me an example...

(actually, read the normal examples page first ...)

Let's say you run a forum or message board or blog with comments and let's further say that the messages posted are somehow relevant in the physical world.

You could, in a simple, programmatic fashion, issue an "oh by" code to each comment made in your forum/blog/board.

End users could then go out in the world and chalk up or hand out or vocalize the "oh by" code, giving people a quick link backwards to relevant information.

For instance: an end user might believe that everyone going to restaurant 'X' should read a specific post on forum 'Y' and so they chalk up 0 x DY34NK on the sidewalk.


So there is an API for creating and using "oh by" codes ?

Yes. You can create an "oh by" code with a simple (and anonymous) POST to https://0x.co/shorten.html.

All existing "oh by" codes have their content and metadata nicely encoded in XML.

You can create an Oh By Code by emailing email@0x.co or texting 415-965-8370.

In the future, we will have a CLI tool to generate a code by piping stdio.

In the future, you will be able to nslookup DY34NK.0x.co.

0x.co is https://, but http lookup will function, so you can fetch with netcat/telnet.


And there are no ads ?

There are no ads. You (or your users) are NOT the product.

There will be no third party analytics. When you use "oh by" you only deal with 0x.co.


Is this also a URL shortener ?

Yes. That's not the primary use-case, but if you enter nothing but a properly formatted URL, our site will give you the option of turning it into a simple redirect.

You still generate an Oh By Code, but that code will now redirect to the URL. With no ads or tracking and no delays.

If you're looking for a dead-simple URL shortener that respects your privacy and doesn't slow you down with ads or multi-megabyte interstitial pages, Oh By might be for you.


Does this do everything a QR code does, but better in every way ?

Yes, "oh by" codes do everything that QR codes do, but are better in every way.

You don't need any software or tools to create them.

You don't need a reader or an app to read them.

You can write them down anywhere with any pencil, pen, chalk, etc.

As of the launch of 0x.co, there is no longer any reason to ever use a QR code again.

You're welcome.


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